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Building a Healthier Community campaign ADS 1-2 in series of 6
NH-Building a Healthier Community-2_edited.jpg
Wildcard Junior Achievement Discovery Center design-1st submission accepted- click the wildcard.

(click images to view)

Building a Healthier Community campaign Billboards 1-2 in series of 6
Digital ad
Web graphic

Media Marriage

In 2016 Cucalorus Film Festival added Cucalorus Connect. I attended an event called "Media Marriage" that explored New Media and the marriage or partnership between print & digital.

Since then, I have spent a lot of time fantasizing about the many projects I'd like to develop combining traditional print products that could come to life with video and animation added.

But alas, daily design demands stood in the way.

This year I was asked to produce the NHRMC 2020 Nursing Annual Report in a digital format

in place of the print book I have produced the past few years. I am actively honing my

new skills and am excited to apply these features to many other

projects moving forward.

Click the image top right and take a look.

NHRMC Nursing Congress was so happy with their Digital Annual

Report -and the money they saved in print costs- that the

AirLink-Vitalink team asked me to create theirs inn digital format

as well. In addition to the Report, I created an Iphone app with

emergency resources for the rescuers in the field.

Click the images at right.

NHRMC 2020 Nursing Annual Report
Vitalink-AirLink Annual 2021-CVR .png

NHHA 2021 

Mock ups to completion of NHHA 2021 campaign "Aging In" clients liked all choices and decided to rotate the elements in all media from ads, social, direct mail and more.

Link to presentation

NHHA-2021-Aging In-Social-Rev3.png
NHHA-2021-Aging In-Social-Rev2.png
NHHA-2021-Aging In-Social-Rev.png
Imagine better -Social-MAIN.png
Imagine better -Social-2.png
Imagine better -Social-3.png
Imagine better -Social-4.png
Imagine better -Social-5.png
Caudle Meares Bro-1-Square-REVISED-FINAL
Caudle Meares Bro-1-Square-REVISED-FINAL
It's all about the process

I like to throw it all up on the blackboard and then start to peel away

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